NUN Magazin

NUN Magazin

The “NUN Magazin” is a magazine about Konstanz and Kreuzlingen, the German-Swiss cities sitting right on the boarder between the two countries. The magazine is created by Annabelle Höpfer and Miriam Stepper and is available for free all over the two cities.

For issue #6 I was asked to create four editorial illustrations to go along with the article “Setz dich” about folding seats by Daniel von der Vring. The idea was to show how to use these seats in an unconventional way.

For issue #7 the article was about reflective stripes, how they’re not only important but can also be fashionable and therefore should be part of our everyday clothes. My first idea circled around the act of sowing the stripes on pieces of clothing. The final illustration shows an everday activity (grocery shopping) during night with the reflective stripes decorating the outfit and making it glisten.

My illustration for issue #8 shows a cat enjoying their time in a solarium. The text accompanying my illustration talks about the importance of sunny places especially in winter, when Konstanz turns into foggy wonderland.

In issue #9 it was all about the theme “hot love”. Going along with a text about FKK culture, I got to create an illustration of a cat beach with four different cats enjoying their time reading, sleeping and doing yoga all in the nude. Additionally I was asked to illustrate the ad for a local centre for Arts and Culture, K9.